About Me

_DSC9141Surprisingly enough, I am actually doing what I was originally educated to do. When I attended college (Syracuse University School of Fine Arts ‘59) I was planning to be a fabric and wallpaper designer. Marriage, motherhood and a move to the midwest diverted my designing interests to other areas- to painting, printmaking, and for ten years jewelry design and fabrication. The rise in gold prices coupled with the move to a new home gave birth to a direct and inexpensive way to attractively cover my floors. I thought I had invented the wheel. I soon found out that floor cloths were an Early American craft.

My floorcloths/wallhangings are a traditional answer for the floor and a contemporary answer for the wall. They are all handpainted with acrylic, on a very heavy canvas. While my designs are all very contemporary in feeling, they work well in the Country French home or the chic New York apartment. There are no limits on size or coloring. Custom orders are a large part of my business. I ship UPS or truck all over the U.S., including Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

The finished canvas is covered with many coats of a clear acrylic to protect it from dirt and wear, and a non skid product is painted on the back. I also stretch my canvas or prepare it for stretching as in traditional wall paintings. Often the designs are one of a kind. At all times there are no two exactly alike, as it is an entirely handmade product. There is the whim and discretion of the artist to consider.

Designing and painting is what I do for both work and fun. I am an artist, the message I try to impart is one of fun, something that makes you feel good. It is important that the painting be well designed using good color coordination. I think in color first and then shapes, often only a thumbnail sketch and then going directly to the large canvas. My ideas come from everyday images. Shadows cast by a building, peeling paint off an adobe wall, contours of the land. I love to play with abstract shapes and juicy colors but every once and awhile I can’t resist designing things that are playful and whimsical for the young at heart.

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